Monday, November 26, 2012

Featured Monday at Momma's Meals!

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I'm so excited to have the opportunity to co host "Featured Fridays" at Momma's Meals this week (on Monday due to our busy Thanksgiving schedules)!  Tammi, the momma and cook behind "Momma's Meals," chose a recipe of mine to prepare and review, so please hop on over to her adorable site and check out which recipe she chose to recreate!  Now, onto the recipe that I created from Tammi's wonderful collection ....

I chose to recreate one of Tammi's amazing side dishes ... and I'm SO glad that I did!  It wasn't long ago, I had a baby girl who ate almost anything and everything I gave her to try.  One day we woke up to a very picky two year old.  I chose this yummy Garlic Broccoli Rice in hopes that she would eat a little bit ... and she ate two whole bowls!  Thanks Tammi, the mister and I adored this dish too.  It was a perfect, light, meatless lunch!  Get the recipe here!

Side note:
I used ingredients that I had in my pantry/refrigerator so I had to make some tiny adjustments:
I used a combination of white, brown, red, and wild rice (I found a new quick cooking brand that I adore.).
I had leftover roasted broccoli that I used, so I just added the garlic to the rice while cooking.
I also added cheese (parmesan), as Tammi suggested, and it was so yummy!

Be sure to follow Tammi at Momma's Meals to read her future recipes, as well as her experiences as a SAHM to her little daughter, Madison!

Thanks for reading, loves xo

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