About Little Mommy's Blog

Me and my little sidekick in matching aprons!
I love food… (almost) all kinds of food.  I love trying new foods, I love fresh foods, I love healthy foods (and some unhealthy),  most of all – I love making food for my family.  I believe that very recipe has a story and every meal makes a memory.   Here is what I am about:
1.  I love fresh fruits and vegetables and try to spend one day a week meatless. 
2.  I buy some organics (mostly the “dirty dozen”..although have you noticed an organic pepper is $4.00??? We grew our own this summer!)
3.  I try to avoid canned, prepackaged foods.  I rarely venture into the center aisles at the grocery store and try to make a lot of my own seasoning and sauce blends.  The only cans you’ll find in my kitchen are cans of pumpkin and some tomatoes.  I've even started making dried beans in the slow cooker while I'm at work - no more canned beans!  My mister says I'm turning into a "hippie"...
4.  I usually try to make meals as healthy as possible, without sacrificing flavor.  I believe in “sneaking a vegetable in” dishes for adults..not just kids.
5. I have a little one… and I made over 50% of her baby food, so I love to chat about that and her ever-changing tastes and food experiences.  I honestly thought I would blog more about her food, but she really eats everything that we do!  How awesome?!!
6.  I also love to eat out (mommy needs a break too!).  New places and new dishes intrigue and inspire my cooking at home.  I prefer to avoid most chain restaurants and look for thoughtful meals with local flavors and ingredients. 
Preparing meals for my family is my way of providing for them.  I love to set a meal in front of them and know (almost) exactly where it came from and how it was prepared.  I love being able to have control over the ingredients and the creative aspect of dishes.  I am a little mommy with a big appetite.  Here’s to best dishes and yummy dreams!