Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fab Friday Finds #5

I adore Asian food.  After making egg rolls and having my favorite Chinese take out this week, I just can't get enough of it!  Check out these yummy finds that I'm dreaming about whipping up in my kitchen!


By:  Simple Reem
I love a noodle, any kind really... and a sweet sauce with scallions?  Yum. 

By:  Rainy Day Gal

By:  For the Love of Cooking
I make a mean baked egg roll, but this picture got me thinking (although this isn't in the linked recipe) I'd like my baked egg rolls to look and taste as crispy as this... what if I baked them and then pan-toasted the outside really quickly? Bet they would be even more delish!

By:  Chef Mommy
Another classic.  Shrimp is my fave.  

Thanks for reading! xoxo
Images courtesy of Pinterest via Little Mommy, Big Appetite


Mamie said...

Asian is our favorite way to cook here! Thanks for the new recipes.

Carrie @ My Favorite Finds said...

These all look really good. I try to have a theme for my Friday's Finds, too. Yours look so great. I am sometimes apprehensive to cook Asian food because I'm afraid it won't turn out right. Thanks for sharing these!

Loy said...

I love Asian food, too. Thanks for sharing these. I am going to find your baked egg roll recipe. I have used a number of your recipes. Have a great week.

AndiWinslow said...

I printed off the beef with broccoli and am going to try this. I also made baked sweet and sour chicken and fried rice this week. Check out my blog if you can. It was very good got the recipe from Life as a lofhouse. My name is Andi and my blog is called
thanks for the fabs for friday. Love pinterest have a nice weekend. Andi

Sarah E. said...

Mmm! I love homemade Asian cuisine - we've been making so much hibachi lately :) I am off to repin some of these!!

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