Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our Journey North: Vacation Recap Foodie-Style

10 days is a long time with a two-year-old.  Especially with a sick two-year-old.  However, we managed to thoroughly enjoy ourselves because we were surrounded by amazing family members...and amazing food, of course!
Our journey north began in Ocean City, Maryland where we attended a beautiful wedding and then extended our stay to enjoy the beach for a few days.  Enjoy some food highlights from the OC:

This place had everything - the atmosphere, the food, the drinks, the view.... love.  
They had games for kids and adults, tables in the sand, a huge bar - such a fun place to be!
Fresh Salsa Trio

Conch Fritters with Raspberry Pepper Sauce

A HUGE line of homemade skinny cocktails!  

Photo courtesy of Streaming Gourmet
My mister loves them with vinegar ... I just like them plain with lots of salt.  We sat on the boardwalk and polished off an entire bucket.   Quickly. 

Amazing.  White Cheddar is my fave, but the cinnamon caramel was yummy too!

Fresh donuts - delish!  They will make anything your donut-heart desires!

We found a great little breakfast/lunch place too (with some organic items!)

Then, our trip continued north to Northeastern Pennsylvania for a graduation party and to spend time with some precious family members.  I have some of the fondest childhood memories of NEPA ... especially food memories!  

Larry's Cajun Blue Cheese Wings
I don't like wings, I don't like blue cheese.  Wait.... I LOVE these and have to have them every time we visit.

Real pizza, sweet sauce.  So good. 

This was my first time here and it was amazing!  Fresh pizza for lunch, any bread you can imagine, cupcakes for days ... they were only missing cannoli!

I could get lost in here!  The chocolate covered pretzels were my fave.  You can also order online and they will ship!

To end the visit, my great aunt made a traditional Polish Christmas dinner so that we could all celebrate together.  It was an amazing Christmas-in-almost-July dinner.  I apologize, I was so excited that I forgot to take pictures until we had all dug in! 
Baked pierogies in garlic and butter

More pierogies

Kielbasa and snails (dough with honey and poppyseed)

Piggies!  (Cabbage stuffed with ground beef and rice in tomato sauce)

These memories will last a lifetime!  My aunt just sent some fab recipes for me to try out and I can't wait.  If you need me, I'll be in my kitchen until our next vacay (in about two weeks!).  I'll give you another delish foodie recap after that one too - stay tuned, friends!

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Anonymous said...

What a great way to remember your vacation destination spots. We all so enjoyed seeing all of you and keeping the family traditional meals and creating new ones. What great memories. Love yas the Nova's

Kate said...

Looks like a great trip! So glad y'all had fun!