Sunday, October 30, 2011

Simple "Soup" for Toddlers ...Mommy loves it too!

We had Chinese takeout last night... which we rarely do, but after hosting a party and spending the entire day cleaning up - I couldn't look at another dish.  I know Chinese takeout is terrible for you... and I also question the place we order from, but's horrible to say... I eat it anyways.  In my haze of exhaustion, I did, however, have enough sense to not to feed the fat and sodium bomb to my little one - who normally eats everything we do... spicy, sweet, savory... she's game or it all (how awesome?!)!  So, I quickly whipped up this soup for her (I know I said I couldn't look at a dish, but for her - anything) - and I ended up eating the rest of hers - yummy!
Here's what I used:  I keep a handful of rotisserie chicken in the freezer from each one we use, just for instances like this one - when you need a little bit of meat for a quick dish.  I used fresh broccoli from our veggie tray the night before, and I had already steamed some carrots for her lunch, so I threw those in too!  I always have chicken broth or stock on hand, as well as noodles.  Enjoy this toddler treat... and mommy treat too!  Best dishes and yummy dreams!

Quick Chicken Soup for Toddlers

Small bundle of whole grain linguine 
I used this much pasta
1 c. of low sodium chicken broth
1/2 c. water
Fresh broccoli bites
A few pieces of frozen rotisserie chicken
Cooked carrots
Grated parmesan cheese (A favorite of my little lady!  Great source of calcium, and lower in fat.)

1.  Break linguine noodles into 1-2 inch pieces and place into a microwave-safe bowl.
2.  Add stock and water and microwave for 7 minutes.  
3.  Add broccoli and frozen chicken and microwave for 2 minutes longer.
4.  Add cooked carrots.
5.  Drain most of the liquid out, put the contents into a bowl, sprinkle parmesan cheese on the "soup" and let your little one enjoy!  

She enjoyed this with spinach, tomato, and cheddar grilled cheese!

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I have just the little grandbaby to give this to...ha. Great idea to give her soup. I am such a soup lover myself and in fact, cooked some tonight. Yum! Thanks for sharing.

Corey @ Family Fresh Meals said...

My girls will LOVE this one! Perfect :)